How To Start A Successful Bookkeeping Business

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

The four main types of business structures are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies , and corporations. LLCs are the most common choice for small businesses as it offers more protection to the business owner than a sole proprietorship. Think about why you want to be a bookkeeper, who you want your clients to be, how you want to provide your services, and what your end goal is. US Small Business Administration— The US government Small Business Association puts out timely material to help budding entrepreneurs. You can learn how to write a business plan, find a mentor from a local or regional chapter, and they have an entire “learning center” where you can find tons of basic business courses. With virtual bookkeeping, you can sort your business’s financial foundation in a perfect manner without any hassle. You can make more when you do online bookkeeping than the average full-time bookkeeper.

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

No, bookkeepers do not need to be registered or licensed. However, you should consider becoming certified as a professional bookkeeper if you want to start your own bookkeeping business. When signed by both you and your client, this agreement will protect you against any liabilities. Most bookkeepers charge by the hour, others use a flat fee, and some use value pricing. As yet, there is no set or perfect way to charge for your bookkeeping services.

Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere. The information featured in this article is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. Pricing will vary based on various factors, including, but not limited to, the customer’s location, package chosen, added features and equipment, the purchaser’s credit score, etc. For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase. Each individual’s unique needs should be considered when deciding on chosen products.

How Do I Learn Bookkeeping From Home To Start A Business?

This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Here is a list of our partners and here’s how we make money. Practical business and financial insights, lessons, perspectives, and know-how brought right to your inbox. Computer – After you determine the software you’ll need, you’ll want to make sure that the computer you use is compatible with the desktop versions if you intend to use them. Also, take the necessary precautions (anti-virus software with malware protection) to prevent cybersecurity disasters. All sessions are recorded so you can watch them later at any time. You’ll have access to the files and videos for a year after the course.

  • It will have one of their webmasters reach out to you for a quick 15-minute conversation before it goes on to create your website fitted with your logo, images, and content.
  • With your access to the private Facebook group, you can ask questions, share your challenges and wins.
  • You’d better bookmark this page—you’re going to want easy access to this info as you build your bookkeeping business.
  • Establish professional social media accounts and a blog.
  • Some excellent insurance providers for bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs include The Hartford, Hiscox, and Travelers.
  • With what you have said, has proved to me that this can be done!

Your website should include a list of your services, some background about your experience and skills, and a way to contact you, at minimum. “Specialize and work with one or two niche industries. You might have prior professional experience that can serve as a springboard to gaining new clients and serving them well. I’m Rebecca, a side-hustling single mom who’s figured out the secret to making six figures from home. I help people just like you learn how to start money-making side hustles, get control of their budgets and achieve financial freedom! Once you’re ready to start looking for jobs, you can check out online job boards. And taking an online bookkeeping course can be helpful if you have zero knowledge of what bookkeeping is or you need a refresher on the fundamentals.

What Is A Productized Service?

— Many communities have Chamber of Commerce Chapters that whose purpose is to help develop small businesses in that local community. But, if I haven’t build your trust yet, read on here and you’ll still get a lot of the basic information. In the past, you would have to hire a bookkeeper as a full-time employee. It’s difficult to manage your business well when you can’t trust your numbers.

Bookkeeper Business Launch will teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping, running a business and connecting with clients who need your services. It can shorten your learning curve and help you fast-track your profitability. The Bookkeeper Business Launch course comes with all the information and resources you need to launch your own successful bookkeeping business.

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

At some point, it moves from being a favor to a serious endeavor. For others, the need to take on clients was necessary, a way to do more of what they love but also a viable way to bring in a much-needed income. For others, this is the life long dream of having their own firm, being their own boss, helping business owners. Ben is a great teacher and he knows how to break down the content so that anyone can learn it.

Get A Business Checking Account And Insurance Coverage

This has allowed me to set up systems in my bookkeeping business to streamline operations and become extremely efficient in supporting my clients. My husband and I decided that was how much we were going to put towards my virtual bookkeeping business. While that was the initial funding, we also considered how much less our household income would be without me working full-time at a traditional job.

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

But the good news is you can deduct certain business expenses to help offset what you owe to the IRS. And today, I’ve got a money-making side hustle that might be perfect for you if you’re a numbers nerd.

I recommend putting in an initial owner’s investment of around $400, and then as you incur small expenses of setting up your business, you can pay for them directly from your business account. This makes accounting clean and organized for the future. Your business plan is vital to reality checking all those ideas you have. You need to nail down what services you’ll offer, who to, and how. If you like a certain industry, you’ll probably develop the skills they value most, and you’ll learn the technologies that work best for them. Whether you create your website yourself or hire a web developer, you’ll likely need to determine what you want on your website. Sometimes when you navigate to a website, you’re faced with a million links to click in the menu bar.

Getting Ready To Start A Virtual Bookkeeping Business

In addition, a bookkeeper is responsible for checking financial reports and figures for accuracy. But bookkeeping isn’t something you just decide to do. When you make the decision to become a bookkeeper, you’re making the choice to become a professional and a business owner. You have to be willing to put in the time and get training to use the right tools and become successful as a virtual bookkeeper.

  • Research your chosen software, find training manuals, and watch tutorials.
  • If you decide that you don’t want the headache of dealing with payroll, check out our guide on Six Payroll Competitors Payroll Competitors that beat ADP when it comes to price.
  • Luckily, my first client pushed me to QuickBooks Online and that has been my platform for my bookkeeping business ever since.
  • To start a bookkeeping business you’ll need some training, a community of other bookkeepers to help you with questions, a good computer with strong internet, and a few clients.
  • You may not want to hire employees right away, but prepare yourself now, so the process is easier in the future.

The chances of that happening are probably slim, but it’s best to be protected in the case that it does. The LLC is to form your business into a legal structure, and you only need to do the set up one time. And if you do go down this route, unless you have experience running ads, make sure to hire someone competent in this area. Business Network International is a platform How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business where members meet weekly to discuss business and support each other’s businesses by sharing referrals. It is claimed to be the world’s leading referral organization’. Such platforms will help you gain insights into the market and develop your business. It’s just a matter of finding the events your target market hangs out at and heading there with some business cards.

How Many Clients Can A Bookkeeper Handle?

They have to pay the bills, do the taxes, follow up on overdue customer accounts, balance the books etc. – all according to the company’s timelines and policies. 30 Minute Webinar — LedgerDocs 101 and learn how to become a virtual bookkeeper today. When working with any client, it is important that both parties establish a distinct set of rules, expectations, and deadlines for the work ahead. Many bookkeepers do this by giving their clients a simple set of guidelines that can be followed each month. For example, all documents must be uploaded to LedgerDocs by a certain date each month. Five days after this date, the bookkeeper will have the books up-to-date, with any reports or statements being sent to the client. It is important to establish these guidelines early in the relationship as it will greatly influence how both parties will work together.

As a result, bookkeeping can be a good business year in and year out. According to Entrepreneur, independent bookkeepers earn between $25 and $40 per hour depending on where they work and the nature of the job. As you become more established and gain more clients, you may consider bringing in a partner or small staff. The best point of take-off is to know the meaning of book keeping, which is simply an activity that bothers on the recording of business transactions. Book keepers are also known as account clerks, accountants etc. Book keeping is therefore an occupation concerned with maintaining financial accounts, auditing business records and preparing financial reports for a business.

How To Become A Virtual Bookkeeper Earn $60+

This course even offers a rigorous Certificate of Completion for the accounting skills portion of the course to prove to yourself and your clients that you know accounting. Passing those exams give you confidence that you really do know a real, marketable skill that will bring value to the clients you serve. This course can take you from zero to success, like it did for this person. Overall, you can save a lot by hiring a virtual bookkeeper. Freelancers operate from their own point of view when it comes to earning with online bookkeeping when they should be looking from the client’s perspective.

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You might also want to look into freelance and for-hire contractor sites, such as UpWork or Fiverr, where people list their rates. Find bookkeepers that are similar in your skill set and experience to help gauge what you should be charging. Certified public bookkeeper, or CPB, which signals to clients that you have professional-level skills and might be an important part of how you differentiate yourself in a competitive market. A business plan involves outlining your plans for your company in detail. It is a comprehensive document that explains not only your services but also your market and the competitive advantage you’ll have in your business.

How Can Virtual Bookkeeping Services Benefit My Business?

Another popular option is Xero, but there are plenty of bookkeeping apps to choose from. You can get certified in each of these programs, which can not only help you become a power user but can also help you market yourself as an expert.

How Much Can You Make As A Virtual Bookkeeper?

If a company has multiple locations, it complicates things in the sense that their in-person bookkeeper may need to travel from site to site or they would need multiple bookkeepers. This method is not very time-efficient, plus it can quickly become expensive. With a virtual bookkeeping company, cloud accounting is used, meaning all data and records are stored electronically in secure servers in a remote location. Not to mention, there is also a greater level of security that comes with this method.